It’s Spider-Man: Homecoming review time! We give you OUR Spoiler-Free (mostly) take on the newest friendly neighborhood Spider-Movie.

PLUS: Winter in July? We break down the return of Game of Thrones with Den of Geek’s David Crow!

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast: David Crow Den of Geek:

Michael Dolce: Whats your favorite episode so far in the whole series?

David Crow: I would say season 2, which wasn’t my favorite season, but I loved black water. They did an entire episode around battle, which they have done several times since then, it did not have the budget or spectacle as the last battle. Reason why I love Black Water is the cinematic eye they had with it; they showed how each character reacted to the battle. It almost remind see of a play, in a sense there is this great violence and its showing how everyone is reacting to it in real time.

MD: A lot of people tell me season 2 wasn’t that good, but we are saying a type of pizza isn’t good, all pizza is good. Those first five episodes, not having read the books, was tough to get through. The first episode was intriguing, but then the next four were just a set up, but Season 2, I binged that in a weekend.

DC: I read the books, but only after the first season. I fell involve with the world, so by the time Season 2 came out, I was well rehearsed in it. I think they left out so much quality material in Season 2 because it was a good book. I think thats the reason why they broke the third book into Seasons 3 and 4.

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