We welcome Dark Tower concept artist Dennis Calero to talk about the new Stephen King film!

PLUS: We take the new Thor: Ragnarok & Stranger Things 2 trailers to task in another round of ‘Trailer Truth or Trash’! Did they give away too much or are your appetite’s whetted properly?

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast with guest Dennis Calero:

Michael Dolce: We have to be a 100% honest here, Dark Tower is coming out and we don’t know much bout it. This is why were having you on.

Dennis Calero: I can break it down for you. For those of you familiar with Stephen King, he writes stories about when things go wrong. You have killer clowns from outer space, men in black that save the world from an apocalypse. So Dark Tower, the best way to think about it is the spindle about which, his multi verse revolves. It is the center of reality, both a place and every level of the towers is a dimension in the multi verse. One way to look at it is the reason Stephen King’s world has vampires, wolves, and killer clowns is because there’s something wrong at the Tower. There’s something wrong at the center of reality, its being attacked and our main character Roman the Gunslinger comes from a long line of a combination of cowboys, knights, and Jedi. It is his sworn duty to find the Tower and figure out whats wrong with it and fix it, thus saving all of time and space and reality.

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