We break down ComicCon 2017: Black Panther, Thor, Justice League & more with actress & producer Jordan Elizabeth Gelber of StarBaby Enterprises & ComicCon expert Victor Dandridge Jr.

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What Spider-Man: Homecoming‘s box office means for Marvel as ComicCon2017 begins!

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast with guest correspodent Victor Dandridge Jr.:

Michael Dolce: So you got to get in there, we want to know the Hall H, from all my expert analysis and studying the Twitter chatter, Thor: Ragnarok was the big buzz, am I correct? What was the feeling on the floor?

VD: Warner Brothers is in the morning. Marvel is in the evening, so its the last one to close it out. You got people in Hall H waiting all day for the Marvel Studio crowd, so you got the lasting impression and the thing you talk about the most. So while your in there, yeah you can tweet, but your trying to pay attention on whats happening or whats going to happen. It’s a genius move by Marvel and I do feel bad for Warner Bros because they do get overlooked. From my position and first time being there, Warner Bros gave a better presentation.

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