We settle the biggest Geek debates of all time! Joker vs Joker! Nintendo vs Sega! Game of Thrones vs LOTR! Batman v Superman! Join the great Pop Culture debate with special in-studio guest: Adultish star Victoria Cheri Bennett and director Justin Morck!

PLUS: What we think of Josh Brolin’s Cable? Force to be reckoned with or needs more shoulder pads?

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast with guest Victoria Cheri Bennett:

Michael Dolce: So we’re going to start with Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings

Victoria Cheri Bennett: Lord of the Rings created WETA – this whole motion capture video. They changed cinema. It was unheard of to go to a studio and ask for funding for all three movies in one film.

MD: Hassan who are you going to choose?

Hassan: If we’re going by the books, Lord of the Rings wins out. IT was the second book to the bible. If we’re talking about the show, then Game of Thrones was bigger in depth and sheer enjoyment and comprehension of the story

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Victoria Cheri Bennett

Victoria Cheri Bennett (Bevin/Creator of ADULTish) is a graduate from AMDA, an original founding member of The Orphans, Creator of the SAG Web Series ADULTish and co-creator of the musical group On The Rocks. She has been seen performing at 54 Below and the Duplex and recently can be seen as the on camera host for Den of Geek

ADULTish is going to Seoul! We’ve been nominated for Best Web Series, Best comedy, Best ensemble Cast, Best Director, Best Actor and Best Actress. ADULTish is working on Season 4 and aims to start shooting in October right after NYCC.

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