We go “Spinning the Racks” to bring you the most fantastical pop culture news out there including the now confirmed R-Rated Quentin Tarantino  Star Trek project. Will he direct?

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Quentin Tarantino Star Trek Movie In Development, May Direct


Quentin Tarantino is developing a new Star Trek movie for Paramount alongside J.J. Abrams, and may wind up directing it. Abrams is responsible for the resurgence of Star Trek in film over the last decade after relaunching the franchise back in 2009. With an entirely new cast headlined by Chris Pine, Zoe Saldana, and Zachary Quinto, the reboot fared well during its first two outings. Unfortunately, Star Trek Beyond did not meet expectations last year at the box office despite critical praise, and the once-considered fourth film has been lost in space ever since.

The Star Trek name is too big of an IP to keep sitting dormant – even though it is still living on through Star Trek Discovery – from theaters. It is no surprise Paramount is looking for another way to bring the franchise back, but it may come from one of cinema’s most talented minds.

Deadline is reporting Quentin Tarantino recently pitched an idea for a new Star Trek film to Abrams and Paramount and it was very well received. Paramount is looking to assemble a writer’s room to flesh out Tarantino’s idea at the moment, and if all things go according to plan, Abrams will stick around as a producer. Depending on the rest of the development process and his schedule, it is also possible that Tarantino could direct the film.

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