We give you our thoughts on the winners and losers of ComicCon 2016 including the brand new Justice League, Wonder Woman and Suicide Squad trailers that debuted at the show.

PLUS: We interview actor Kevin Bacon and his brother Michael about their rock and roll band!

Check out an excerpt from the podcast:

Kevin Bacon Interview

MD: The six degrees of Kevin Bacon took hold before the idea of “going viral” even existed. Do you revel in it? Are you sick of it?

KB: I don’t know if I revel in it so much. But it’s one of those things that doesn’t show any signs of going away. I think the idea is actually sort of a powerful one because

[even] if you take me out of it, everyone wants to be connected.

Am I technically one degree now after this interview?

KB: Technically, no [laughs]. We have to be in a film together. But if you’d like to consider yourself one degree, as far as I’m concerned, that’s fine.

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