Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez shared so many insider nuggets as our guest this past week. He even dropped the rumored FIRST Marvel/FOX film post merger. You won’t believe who’s in it and who will be playing the role of a certain Canadian-clawed mutant.

Spider-Man/Wolverine Crossover In The Works?

Will Hugh Jackman Reprise the role of Wolverine in a crossover with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man?

“The muscles were flexing to take these third and fourth tier characters and lift them,” Gomez revealed when asked how the Disney/Fox merger would impact the MCU going forward. “It’s going to be a little easier with X-Men, Fantastic Four and Deadpool.”

But then Gomez dropped the “inside baseball” bombshell of exactly what the bigwigs at Disney were planning to unveil

“The big win is a Hugh Jackman Wolverine with Spider-Man. Why? Spider-Man is the number one superhero merchandise generator ever. So combining those two characters…and Hugh is willing to do it.”

There’s been some debate on Secrets of the Sire as to whether Hugh Jackman needs to hang up the claws. Co-hosts Michael Dolce and Hassan Godwin have debated back and forth whether this merger, combined with he storyline in Logan, is the perfect opportunity to cast someone new in Jackman’s iconic role. But Gomez revealed the thought of Jackman reprising the role is just too good an opportunity to pass up at this point.

[Wolverine] will have to evolve into another actor at some point, but there are a number of opportunities in the [Marvel] cinematic universe [waiting] to happen.”

Spider-Man/Wolverine Crossover

Hugh Jackman’s turn as Wolverine may not be over

About This Clip: Disney/Fox Merger
Jeff Gomez gives insight into a potential Disney/Fox merger saying it’ll be “huge for fanboys” and how that might dictate Marvel’s plans for the MCU in the coming years. With a bunch of movies getting new release dates including Deadpool and The New Mutants, what does this say about the direction Fox is heading?

“In the twilight of Fox they are doing interesting things with the franchises.”

You can read Jeff’s article “The Self Disruption of Star Wars” and more from him at and can follow him on Twitter @jeff_gomez

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