Ron Howard has been tabbed to direct the Han Solo movie with Lucasfilm firing Phil Lord and Christopher Miller. Hear OUR take on last night’s video replay above!

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Zero in on the content of your choice thanks to our handy Spoiler Alert recap:

Spoiler Alert for SoS Ep 74

-52:22 remaining: Phil Lord and Christopher Miller left the new Han Solo movie over “Creative differences” – we give you the insider take

-39:34: Rumored new directors for the Han Solo movie: Our take on the Ron Howard announcement

-29:56: Interview with “Courage The Cowardly Dog” voice actor Marty Grabstein: Hear his take on Jar Jar Binks, How He landed the role and more!

-8:25: Top Toy movies of all time: Where does Transformers, Clue, TMNT, Lego Movie and more rank on our list?

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