We had a tremendous pot luck shuffle of a show last night. We talked Wonder Woman and her impact on the DC Film Universe, Spider-Man Homecoming and the not so brilliant move to keep the Venom movie OUTSIDE the MCU. And we mentioned briefly the passing of Adam West.

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Zero in on the content of your choice thanks to our handy Spoiler Alert recap:

Spoiler Alert for SoS Ep 73

-50:50: We compare Wonder Woman and the Captain America film franchises: Did Wonder Woman rip-off the MCU or is it simply the setting that reminds me people of each film?

-46:18: Critical Success for Wonder Woman: This is clearly the first win for DCU but Mike and Hassan have differing opinions on whether this was the first.

-39:58: Wonder Woman’s impact on DC Universe and Justice League: How this beat out Man Of Steel, BvS, and Suicide Squad. PLUS: The big debate on why Wonder Woman succeeded versus why Suicide Squad didn’t quite succeed

-27:27: Interview with Tom Ossa from WRCR radio. His take on the conversation of the day.

-11:25: Spider-man Solo Trilogy Confirmed by Tom Holland and why Venom is already failing by not partaking in the MCU.

-7:59: We go spinning the racks to bring you the most fantastical pop news out there including Gene Simmons, BumbleBee Transformers spinoff and more

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