Diversity is a hot button topic in Hollywood – most notably the latest online movement #OscarsSoWhite dominating the entertainment headlines. But are the politics behind the scenes actually taking away from the movies themselves? And is it the moviegoers responsibility to care?

So it was two months ago when my Dad and I made our ritualistic trip to see the new James Bond movie Spectre. It was a tradition that formed organically when Casino Royale first hit theaters back in 2006 and became an enjoyable way for father and son to spend some quality time together in our advancing years (I’m in my 30’s now…it sucks.)

Nostalgia aside, a strange thing happened to me during the show, both before the movie and during the film itself. First, after months of withholding myself from reading, seeing or breathing anything Star Wars, there appeared onscreen the trailer for Episode VII in all its big, bright digital glory. No amount of holding my ears and singing “La La La” was going to prevent me from soaking in the THX quality sound reverberating the theater complex. So I let it soak in. I let myself enjoy my first (and only) preview of the new Star Wars movie.

Finn Kylo Ren Episode VII

Image via YouTube

And a funny thing happened when Finn picked up the light saber in that snowy woods in the trailer…I kind of did a double take.  Like whoa, this feels different. Good different but still…Before I knew it, I let the politics of diversity creep its way into my viewing experience. It was all I could think about.

And it didn’t stop there. Fast forward to Spectre itself…and suddenly I felt guilty for watching a misogynistic white guy beat up other white guys while seducing gorgeous women who fawn at his every move. Instead of enjoying James Bond the way i had in the past, I was cringing at how…antiquated it all felt.

And at the end of the day…that really kind of sucks!

I want to know what you think. Can we just enjoy the movie anymore or is it our job to mentally police the films we watch for ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation?

I’ll tell you what I think Friday at 11am EST on talkradio.nyc. Plus, I’ll give you my take on the whole #OscarsSoWhite debate going on. And I’ll play my interview with Soundgarden legend Chris Cornell. Who had a lot of things to say…about music, cuz he’s, you know, a rock star.

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