So Entertainment Weekly put out it’s list of “50 Most Powerful Superheroes.” And of course they got it all wrong. And they did it on purpose too.

Yes, I understand this list is meant to spur conversation. Putting Superman at the top of the list wouldn’t really spur debate  (or would it? Maybe considering how bad his films have been recently…) but did I expect any less from a magazine like Entertainment Weekly who continually pushes a PC agenda? No. So why am I up in arms? I think it’s because EW is the closest thing we have to a magazine about comics anymore. It’s filled the void once occupied by Wizard Magazine. And that’ what makes me sad.

See for yourself. Go check out the list and the criteria for their conclusion and tell me if you agree. Then tune in Wednesday 8pm ET for MY take on this mess.


PLUS: We talk Walking Dead with the letterer for the comic book, Rus Wooten! Who bites the dust this weekend?

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