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We review Smashing Pumpkins: Shiny and Oh So Bright Vol 1 and feature our interview with Billy Corgan from circa 2017.

Overall, if you’re looking for the Melon Collie vibe it’s there in places on the new album. But it more or less follows the same output from Billy the past few years – which is not a bad thing if like me, you’ve dug all their 2000s stuff anyway.


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We welcome the legendary Smashing Pumpkins front man on to discuss the early days as 90s rock stars, Star Wars and a possible Smashing Pumpkins reunion.

PLUS: We roll camera and cover the most important pop culture news around!

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Here’s a snippet of the solo record talk that wasn’t on the clip:

MD: We all know the lineup changes that the Pumpkins have endured, with you essentially carrying on the mantle. So when I heard you were releasing a solo record, I was a little surprised. But then I heard the first single and it made sense. Tell me about the vibe on this record and what went into the decision to make this a solo record.

I was working on a follow up to the last Pumpkins album, Monuments to an Elegy and about half way through the record I kind of lost my mind and thought I can’t do this anymore. I just ran out of gas on Smashing Pumpkins music. So I wrote a batch of songs that ended up being the foundation for this record. I found if i just naturally let myself go where I wanted to go, more acoustic, less future rock. That’s how i ended up working with Rick Rubin and putting it under my name.

And I’m with you on that. Sometimes I question my own sanity because you get to a point in the world where, “what’s in a name?” If i write the songs and I sing it and I call it Billy Corgan or Smashing Pumpkins or I call it The Moon and the Stars it doesn’t feel any different to me. But people really perceive it differently. And it just felt right.

And I will say this, and it’s a positive-negative, I get tired of putting out Pumpkins music and then answering the question why should we accept this as Pumpkins if it doesn’t involve “pick your band member.” That gets old too. So I’m happy to do something that doesn’t have that kind of baggage. Here’s the songs I wrote, this is me, and if you like it that’s great.

MD: The sound you’ve seemed to purposely steer away from in the 2000s psychedelic quieter, heavy static guitar. I thought Oceania had that feel to it which is why i responded to it. Are you conscious of the Pumpkins sound when writing and recording? Especially in this case?

The record doesn’t have any drums. At the risk of sounding disingenuous I think I do better when i just go to where I’m interested musically and i don’t get involved intellectually. That’s the key moment for me at this part of my life. I was making a record called Smashing Pumpkins and I just wasn’t feeling it. So rather than saying I have to do this or I should do it or if I’m going to do it it has to sound like Siamese Dream 2 or whatever this intellectual overlay you can put on an idea, I’m just going to write songs and wherever those songs go and that’s what I’ll follow.=

MD: You mentioned working with Rick Rubin on it. What was his influence and whats the normal production on a Pumpkins record that made this different?

For the past ten years I primarily prodcued mysefl though I had help. With this, when i talked to Rick about doing the record, i said I’m just going to get out the way and be an artist for a change. Tell me when to show up and I’ll do my best and that’s what I did.

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Smashing Pumpkins’ front man Billy Corgan made headlines this week for his so-called “rant” against Donald Trump protestors and Bernie Sanders supporters.

And while anyone who actually watched his 30-minute appearance on Infowars would argue he was actually opening up the discussion on free speech in America, the Internet quickly cut-and-paste a few choice words into click-bait gold and suddenly Corgan became the Donald Trump-loving libertarian that’s complaining because he’s not allowed to use the N-Word (yes that was an actual argument made by

The irony of course, is that what happened to him was exactly the what we was warning us about – the idea of forced “inclusion” and how social media has brought us closer to George Orwell than ever before.

“It’s pretty remarkable that I could say one word right now that would destroy my career. It’s a meme and I’m a horrible person.”

Are we one hashtag away from living in 1984? It’s not too far a stretch. With the PC gestapo castigating anyone that doesn’t fit the company line of “inclusion,” comedians, celebrities and even every day fast food workers out there have to watch their every step for fear their words or actions might go viral. One bad day could cost you your job, as was the case with this Starbucks employee whose actions caught on tape resulted in her dismissal from the company.

And while, yes, the ultimate goal of inclusion and acceptance is an admirable one, whose to judge what is inclusive and what isn’t?

What do you think? Is Billy Corgan way off base? Join us Wednesday 8:30 pm ET live on as we discuss the looming threat social media and PCism poses to free speech in America.

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