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Spider-Man has arrived! …in the Marvel Universe that is. So what better way to break down the deal than with Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment? He chats Spider-Man in the Civil War trailer, his work on the Amazing Spider-Man and Men In Black films and the concept of shared universes in TV and film in use today.

Spider-Man In The Marvel Universe

Plus, we announce the winner of the Spider-Man Film Franchise bracket in our March Madness Franchise Final Four.

Next up? Superman. Vote below and decide which Superman flick is the best of the bunch — just in time for the release of Superman V Batman!

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We welcome Zenescope’s Ralph Tedesco as he gives us the inside scoop on what it takes to bring a comic book creation to the big (and small) screen. Plus we debate which Batman director performed best under pressure: Christopher Nolan or Tim Burton as we reveal the winner of the Batman bracket in our March Madness Comic Book Movie Franchise Final Four!

Comic Book Movie March Madness

Vote Now in our Spider-Man bracket and tune in this Friday at 11am as we welcome Transmedia specialist Jeff Gomez as he explains Shared Universes and which studios are pulling it off right!

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We introduce the Comic Book Movie March Madness bracket. Each week we’ll pit the 4 most popular/best versions of each Batman, Spider-Man, Superman, and X-Men franchises against each other in a weekly poll on our Twitter feed (@Michael_Dolce) starting with the Batman bracket – and leave it in your hands to see which film emerges as the best in that franchise.

We also hear from Atlas Genius’ Keith Jeffrey on the new Creative Economy: What jobs exist today in the creative field that never existed at any time before – and how do you score those gigs? Video Game analyst, Blogger, Professional live streamer, YouTube Sensation – we give you the insight and history of how the Internet (for the umpteenth time) has changed EVERYTHING. Plus, we break down Chris Rock’s Oscar speech and more! Secrets of the Sire: Friday 11am ET on

Comic Book Movie March Madness

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