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With so many movies being produced every year some are inevitably good and some are bad. However, it takes a special blend of incompetence and misunderstanding to produce the worst film of the year. Even more of this same talent is required to produce the worst film the decade had to offer.

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The following ten films represent the very worst of every decade, combining bad acting, nonexistent direction, and some of the most bizarre and incoherent plots of all time. They should be avoided at all costs and hopefully, you haven’t had the misfortune to witness any of these cinematic blunders.

10 The 1900s: The Scheming Gambler’s Paradise (6.1)

Released way back in 1905 The Scheming Gambler’s Paradise marks the decades cinematic low-point. Clocking in at only three-minutes long the film marks one of the earliest films ever made, and unlike so many films from its period has survived to the present.

Despite this, the film isn’t much to look at and features a single static camera. Despite being directed by renowned French filmmaker Georges Melies it fails to entertain like his iconic short film A Trip to the Moon.

9 The 1910s: His Regeneration (4.5)

His Regeneration is only notable as it features Charlie Chaplin in a cameo appearance as a customer. Released in 1915 the silent film centers on a cook who gets into a fight over a girl at a dance. Although the film tries hard to make the audience laugh it fails due to its uninteresting characters.

Featuring an ear-grating piano score the film is a tough watch and lacks any of the same charms that many quant films from this period might have.

8 The 1920s: Easy Virtue (5.7)

Easy Virtue is a silent British produced romantic drama, directed by the legendary Alfred Hitchcock. Although he would go on to be one of the most successful directions of his generation Easy Virtue is by no means his best work.

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The film fails to look as good as its Hollywood counterparts due to the low production values of British films and as a result, time has been cruel to the film which is nigh on unwatchable today.

7 The 1930s: Reefer Madness (3.8)

1936’s Reefer Madness is a cautionary tale about the dangers of marijuana. The film deals with issues in the most 1930’s way possible, completely misrepresenting the drug and its effects. Since its release, it had gone on to gain a second life as a cult classic for its camp qualities.

It’s sensational and ridicules portrayal of the effects of marijuana are comical and the film is a favorite so-bad-it’s-good movie. In addition, the film has been used by marijuana advocates as a parody of those that condemn the drug.

6 The 1940s: The Babe Ruth Story (5.2)

The Babe Ruth Story attempts to be a biopic about the legendary baseball player, however, it comes up short and almost falls into the realms of parody. Released in 1948 the film romanticizes Babe to a ludicrous degree, not only portraying him as a great baseball player but also as one of the greatest men ever.

Featuring ludicrous scenes in which Babe can heal a disabled child just by sending a wave and a smile his way. The film is rich with laughable scenes that make it better viewing than most modern comedies.

5 The 1950s: Glen or Glenda (4.2)

From the mind of director Ed Wood, Glen or Glenda channeled his trademark brand of bad filmmaking. Ed also stars in the film which is somewhat autobiographical as he was a crossdresser himself.

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The film received awful reviews at the time of its release but has gone on to gain a cult following, as so many of his films have. Ed Wood would go on to be portrayed by Johnny Depp in a biopic about his life, which chronicles the production of Glen or Glenda as well as his other works.

4 The 1960s: Manos: The Hands of Fate (1.9)

Manos: The Hands of Fate has gone down in history as one of the worst films ever made, and quite possibly the most awful. The film was made famous for its appearance on Mystery Science Theater 3000 and has since gone on to gain a cult following for its poor quality.

The film was spawned from a bet between Harold P.Warren, a fertilizer salesman by trade, and a screenwriter. Harold went on to direct the film with no prior experience and the results were awful.

3 The 1970s: Hercules in New York (3.3)

Released at the start of the decade Hercules in New York would prove to be its worst. Starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as the titular hero Hercules, this marked his first Hollywood movie.

The movie was made on a low budget and as a result, cannot hope to pull off any of the fantastical elements that accompany the mythological characters. Top that off with Arnold’s distinctive accent being dubbed over add an additional layer of disconnect from reality.

2 The 1980s: Going Over Board (1.8)

Adam Sandler made his film debut in not only the worst film of his career but one of the worst films of all time. Though the actor would go on to produce numerous comedies that proved to be divisive none were more panned than 1989’s Going Over Board.

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Made on the cheap the comedy features no laughs and an incompetent production crew, who forgot a box of lenses and so the director was forced to film the entire film with the wrong lenses.

1 The 1990s: Baby Geniuses (2.6)

The ’90s managed to squeak out one of the worst films of the decade just before its end. Release in 1999 Baby Genuises marked one of the film industry’s lowest moments. With an idea so dumb it’s astonishing that it actually got made.

Despite the dumb premise and terrible reviews, the film went on to make money and even spawned a sequel some years later. The film was savaged by critics who criticized the film for being one of the least funny films of the year.

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