The wait is OVER! The SIRE #1 – mentioned on such prominent sites such as,, The Pulse, and more, will finally make its in store debut July 12th across stores nationwide!. And according to Writer/creator/colorist Michael Dolce this has been a long time coming: “Dan (Leister) and I have been bombarded with emails and questions about when it was going to be available to order and believe me, I was as anxious as everyone else – if not more so!” He went on to add, “But now it’s here, so it’s time for all SIRE supporters to make their presence known by rushing out to their local comic shops July 12th and scooping up as many copies as they can. We’ve had a lot of momentum thus far (thanks in large part to all our fans and supporters) and we’d love to keep this ride going strong! The more copies of SIRE bought and sold the longer we can keep making them.” The Sire, an X-Men meets X-Files superhero mystery, tells the story of lowly Donald Wright, a meager secretary for cable news network reporter J.J. Waterston, who inadvertantly awakens trapped inside a costume that forces him to fight deranged criminals transformed against their will! The origin of his costume and its inexplicable repercussions on Earth are at the center of this three issue mini-series. THE SIRE # 1 (of 3) Order ID: APR062844 32 Pgs, Full Color Price: $2.99 Credits: Written & Colored by Michael Dolce Pencils by Daniel Leister Covers by Talent Caldwell