During the recent trip to the Baltimore Comic-Con, the crew behind the SIRE – Michael Dolce and Daniel Leister – were interviewed by the fine folks at Comic Blender. Now this interview, along with all previous podcasts of Comic Blender, are available for FREE via iTunes! Here’s all you gotta do to watch:

1) Go to the iTunes Music Store.

2) Search for Comic Blender.

3) When the choice for Comic Blender appears click on the arrow next to the name to show the back issues. The SIRE interview is part of Issue Five’s podcast.

4) Click ‘Get Episode’ to download the issue and enjoy! Comic Blender offers weekly information on new comic book releases, upcoming releases, reviews on comic and superhero merchandise and overall great comic book news! Great humor, great information, and all round great comic goodness. For more info plus low quality back issues of these video podcasts for those without iTunes, check out www.bobscomics.com and click on “video podcasts” on the left hand side.