Christopher Nolan or Tim Burton? Omitting Joel Schumacher altogether for his entries in the Batman movie canon and Zack Snyder who will partially make his debut in Batman movie lore with Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, the consensus among fans is that these two directors best represent Bruce Wayne’s transition from comics to screen.

But how do you evaluate two, totally different, but equally impressive interpretations of the character, not to mention the time periods in which they were filmed? Burton’s Gotham could have existed in the 1930s as easily as it existed in the 1980s, while Nolan’s run was a hard and fast look at the Bush era times we faced in the mid 2000s.

Batman Tim Burton v Christopher Nolan

No, the only way to truly define which version was better is to look at the amount of pressure each director faced when bringing the character to screen. And in this case, it’s without question that Nolan had to deliver. Mainly because of the debacle that was Batman and Robin (thank you Joel Schumacher) but also because he was attempting to bring to life the interpretation of Batman fans were clamoring for since Frank Miller’s Dark Knight Returns. And by delivering a gritty, down-to Earth representation of the character, Nolan not only he succeeded, he set the bar higher for gritty real-world superhero movies we’re experiencing today (looking at you Amazing Spider-Man franchises).

What do you think? Who had more pressure to perform and based on that criteria – who did it better? We’ll discuss that and our March Madness Franchise Final Four. Plus, we’ll welcome Zenescope’s Ralph Tedesco as he gives us the inside scoop on what it takes to bring a comic book creation to the big (and small) screen. Catch Secrets of the Sire exclusively on 11am ET.

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