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In the wake of allegations of sexual misconduct from Hundred Wolves writer Myke Cole, Vault Comics has announced they have cancelled the series. The series was slated to release this September featuring art by Tony Akins, colors by Vladimir Popov, and letters by Jim Campbell. The publisher today issued the following statement via social media:

“Vault Comics will no longer be publishing Hundred Wolves from writer Myke Cole.”

Cole’s name was first brought up in regards to his alleged past conduct by artist Cara McGee, who tweeted that Cole had harassed and physically assaulted her at a past Emerald City Comic Con.

Vault’s statement, short and to-the-point regarding their relationship with Cole, makes no specific mention of the accusations regarding Cole’s behavior, or of McGee or the other people who have come forward with stories of their own regarding Cole.

Myke Cole
Myke Cole

Cole has issued a lengthy apology on his own Twitter feed, posting seven tweets in a row expressing how sorry he is, claiming he is taking responsibility, and how he is planning to learn from his past mistakes. He also states he doesn’t remember the incident and has told his buddies to call him out when he’s being inappropriate.

The writer also, in a somewhat baffling move, offered up a link to a 2018 apology that he made on his website regarding another accusation made back at the time, which stemmed from a survey made by the School Library Journal. Cole was one of several male authors accused of misconduct in the online comments discussing the results of a sexual harassment survey.

Fans and creators alike have thanked Vault online for quickly taking a stand and making the decision not to work with someone with a history of misconduct.

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