We’ve got a show for you this week. Can’t say it’s great, can’t say it’s not. I can DEFINITELY promise no insane beatings as we welcome back Rus Wooton, one of the creative members of the Walking Dead comic book team back on to talk the season seven premiere.


I’m done.

That was my initial reaction after watching the episode earlier this week (in my case Monday morning…not the way to start your work week off believe me)

So I walked away thinking that’s it. Not because the violence was over-the-top (it was). Not because I didn’t see the deaths coming (I did…and then I didn’t) but mainly because it just stopped being fun. I had this whole top 10 deaths in comcis and movies bit planned. You know the Gwen Stacy, the Jean Grey, the Han Solo…nope. Not doing it. This wasn’t fun. The deaths in this episode wasn’t fun. I didn’t walk away feeling like I have in the past. I didn’t walk away feeling like I have for Game of Thrones. This was just. Not. Fun.

What did you think? Too violent or faithful to the book?

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