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Some people loved the third season of Westworld and others felt it was lacking. The latest season of just eight episodes was certainly much different from the first, more so than the way season two was different from season one. The series took place, for the most part, in the real world as Dolores tried to execute her plan to take down a massive machine called Rehoboam that was seemingly taking away the concept of free will for humans.

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All the while, Maeve and Bernard were trying to stop her or do whatever they felt they needed to do to fulfill their respective purposes. But there were a number of things throughout the season that don’t make a lot of sense and left fans confused. Here are a few of them.

10 How Did Dolores Know Martin Would Find Her Out?

Dolores clearly knew that she wanted to replace Martin, Liam’s head of security, with a host version of himself. But how did she know he would be the one to discover her true identity, and then be in the right place at the right time to reveal his double?

It seemed to work out way too perfectly. It’s reasonable to assume that the head of security would be the one to find her out. Still, it seemed too rehearsed a scenario to have worked out exactly as she wanted it to.

9 Was Caleb In The Right Place At The Right Time?

Dolores alluded to “choosing” Caleb at the end, but how exactly did she do that? Did she plan to be shot, desperate for medical attention, crawling through an alley just as Caleb was walking by? Those seem like pretty specific circumstances to plan out.

Perhaps she meant that after Caleb helped her and she looked up who he was and realized they had crossed paths before and he was a moral person with the capacity to make the right decision, it was then that she chose him.

8 Bernard Passing Out And Waking With Dust

After Bernard put on the machine to the Sublime to figure out how to stop the end of humanity in the final episode of the season, he passed out. At the end of the episode, he reawakened with dust all over him, seemingly having been passed out for quite some time.

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So has the world already come to an end? Otherwise, what hotel would allow someone to stay in the room indefinitely without ever even checking on them or thinking anything suspicious if the person never came out, even if the payments continued to go through?

7 How Did Delores Know About Rehoboam?

It’s all well and good that, in the end, it was revealed that Dolores wasn’t the evil one all along and wanted to start a revolution so humans could have free will. But how did she know they didn’t have it in the first place?

Dolores seemed to have entered the real world with a clear plan. Yet how did she even know Rehoboam existed? What’s more, why wasn’t she more concerned with helping her own kind have free will instead of humanity? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to create a new world for the hosts, give them free will, then stick her thumb up to humans who think they are free when they are the true puppets?

6 Why Are Maeve’s Powers Seemingly Inconsistent?

Maeve seems to be able to call upon her abilities sometimes when she needs them and other times, she can’t. She seems to be powerless against Dolores and her pseudo mental clones for some reason.

She is also powerless against Serac. Yet sometimes she is fighting people and it seems inevitable she will give a quick stare into space to take them down with her mind but she doesn’t. Why not? And how does she know when her powers will work and when they won’t?

5 Why Didn’t The Guard Shoot Caleb?

It was an odd and puzzling scene. Caleb wanted to break into Incite so he could disable Rehoboam. There, he killed two guards and promised to spare the third if he gave him his access pass. The man relented and Caleb grabbed it and ran.

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Except he didn’t kick the gun away or anything first. He just ran back turned to the man. Why didn’t the guard grab the gun, jump up and shoot Caleb, or shoot in his direction to scare him off, run after him, and capture him before he made it to the door?

4 Why Serac Doesn’t Kill Caleb

Any time there’s a scene like this in a movie or TV show, where a big, bad man who has killed dozens of people point-blank in the head with zero remorse captures a big threat and tells his men to take the person out and kill them, you know that person will live.

This is what happened when Serac realized he had no use for Caleb. Instead of shooting him between the eyes, as we have seen him do to others, he told his lackeys to do it for him. Why? Wouldn’t he want the satisfaction of not only killing Caleb himself but doing it in front of Dolores?

3 Bernard’s Entire Presence

Bernard is the smartest, most connected person in all of Westworld. He’s a host who was built with the knowledge, mind, and past memories of the real co-creator of the park. He built hosts, programmed them, trained them, and vouched for them, even when he didn’t realize he was one of them.

Bernard is such an integral player yet he seemed to do nothing but run around like a chicken with his head cut off all season, Ashley/Stubbs by his side as a useless protector. The fact that he wasn’t used more and didn’t have a more compelling storyline made no sense.

2 Liam’s Dying Words

How did Liam know that Caleb wasn’t aware he was the one who killed his best friend? Perhaps when he put on those super glasses, he saw the entire picture, including that Caleb was working for Serac without even realizing it, with his memory completely wiped.

Still, how did he know that Liam wasn’t aware that he was the one who killed his friend? And more importantly, Dolores must have known so why didn’t she come out and tell him?

1 How Did Dolores Survive?

Throughout Westworld, we saw hosts get maimed, shot, and killed in numerous ways. Sure, they all came back thanks to a team of employees who fixed them up and brought them back online.

Dolores was seriously hurt, on the verge of death when she was taken into a car, then later almost passed out on the street when Caleb found her. They made it into an ambulance but the medics didn’t do much to help her. It’s not like they knew she was a host. Yet she miraculously arose and started shooting people. How did she manage to be OK without the crafty work to fix her up?

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