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Michael Dolce is a professional Writer, Artist, Colorist, Web Guru and all around Awesome Dude. He created Descendant for Image Comics and The Sire for After Hours Press. He has written for Zenescope and Wizard Magazine and colored projects for Image Comics, Silent Devil and The Force Media. He currently writes for AMNY and Inquistr.com and is hard at work on some brand new comic book and creative projects. Follow him on Twitter: @Michael_Dolce Follow him on Periscope: @Michael_Dolce Follow him on Instagram: @mdolce64 Follow Secrets Of The Sire on Facebook: Facebook.com/SecretsoftheSire

ULTRAMAN X AVENGERS team up Japan’s greatest with Earth’s Mightiest

The Avengers are hosting yet another IP crossover this summer, this time, with the iconic Japanese superhero: Ultraman. Meant to serve as a continuation of the Ultraman four-issue limited series released in 2020, this brand new ULTRAMAN X AVENGERS is being created by beloved Mighty Morphin Power Rangers creators such as Kyle Higgins and Mat […]

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MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN #23 shows exactly what happened after BLOOD HUNT #2

I’m all for unique marketing plans or grandstanding crossovers but there’s no way to talk about this without being spoiled. The cover is a giveaway, as is the headline, and the entire vampire run on BLOOD HUNT, which looks great though will probably feature less-permanent stakes.   It’s been revealed that BLOOD HUNT #2 saw Miles […]

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BLOOD HUNTERS series is about Marvel vampire slayer women

Coming directly out of the sold-out BLOOD HUNT #1 series, the vampire hunters of Dagger, Elsa Bloodstone, White Widow, and Hallows’ Eve are getting a limited run by Erica Schultz and Robert Gill. Meant to operate as the primary clean-up team to stop one of the most violent Marvel events in history along with the […]

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Japan’s Toho acquires Science SARU animation studio

Some unexpected news in the Japanese animation industry broke overnight as Japan’s Toho, comprising film, animation production and distribution will become the sole owner of the Science SARU production studio founded by acclaimed animator and director Masaaki Yuasa with co-founder and current head Eunyoung Choi in 2013. The transaction, as reported by Japanese industry wire […]

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SPIDER-MAN BLACK SUIT & BLOOD sees the wall-crawler bring it… black

The popular black symbiote suit makes its return in Marvel’s latest BLACK, WHITE, & BLOOD anthology series. The series has featured quite the popular and ever-so-violent one-off stories including some ones about Wolverine, Deadpool, Moon Knight, and even Darth Vader. Now it’s Spider-Man’s turn for his 40th anniversary of the black suit costume with SPIDER-MAN: […]

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