Comixology announced a special Submit Bundle Special at SXSW yesterday. Included in the special deal – 100 independent comics for just 10 bucks! – is The Sire #1, created by Michael Dolce, drawn by Dan Leister and featuring a cover by Talent Caldwell. The bundle will only be available from now until Monday March 10, 2014 11:59 EST.


It’s Graphic Novel Day Saturday January 18th at Enigma Bookstore in Queens NY. Creator Michael Dolce will be joined by Jared Barel, Oliver Mertz and Mike Isenberg coming for a panel discussion followed by a signing.

Event: Signing & Panel Discussion
Where: Enigma Books Stores, 33-17 Crescent St, New York, NY 11106
When: Saturday January, 18th, 7:00p.m.

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Attention bloggers/reviewers/retailers! We’re looking for folks who want to review a copy of the latest issue of The Sire #8. Also, any retailer out there that wants to order copies AT COST please contact us at Featuring a cover by Talent Caldwell, art by Kris Carter & Steve Hoveke and written by Michael Dolce, The Sire #8 is available now! Donald Wright has seen some tough times, but when a vacation to California to clear his head goes wrong, it goes really wrong. Enter an old foe, a new foe and – if he survives – a powerful new ally.

The Sire returns! Hot off the heels of the brand new release of The Sire #7 (available for digital download through Graphicly, Mikebooks is proud to present the brand new Sire WebComic. Beginning with the very first panel from issue #1, the Sire WebComic is a great way for new fans to jump aboard this critically acclaimed indie while long time readers can enjoy the experience in a completely new format. “This isn’t just me posting the pages from the original series,” creator Michael Dolce mentioned. “This is me painstakingly converting each and every panel, on each and every page into the proper webcomic format. It’s a totally different method of reading this character.” Each issue will be broken into chapters, with each installment constituting a scene. The webcomic will span the entire series to date and lead directly into new adventures down the road. Before they hit the web however, print and digital download loyalists will get first crack at purchasing new issues, with each format offering extras and bonus material not found in the webcomic version. “Digital is an exciting new frontier and there are proven formulas that keep consumers coming back. Because at the end of the day, I have a lot of cool stories I want to tell with this character and I’d like to keep it going as long as possible.” Click here to launch the Sire WebComic. Follow creator Michael Dolce on Twitter: @Michael_Dolce Like us on Facebook: