PODCAST | With reboots being all the rage these days we give you our “Properties We Need Rebooted” vs “Those That Should Be De-Booted“

We dive into the Amazing Disgrace: A ‘Spider-Man’ Comic Features Reference to Anti-Mormon Book…

PLUS: Guardians 3 Suspended Indefinitely – What’s the Future Of This Marvel Franchise…

AND: We welcome Charon Comics’ Fred Packard and Joshua Valliere to close out our “Summer Spotlight”

Segment 1:

Recent Spiderman comic contains anti mormon symbol, Should a symbol like this be in a comic book?, The harsh effects of political controversy, How to pull off political statement in comics, Should artist lose his job over this?

Segment 2:

Michael and Hassan shares their top choices for reboots in pop culture, Rebooting XMen animated from the 90s? Rebooting Dune as a TV show? Which projects should be de-booted? The continuation of Buffy the Vampire Slayer? Quantum Leap?


Segment 3:

Joshua Valliere and Frederick Packard from Charon Comics join the show, Discuss Sol Survivor and Skylin, How Joshua and Frederick formed a duo and how they enhance each other’s writing, The benefits of kickstarter, How Charon Comics plans their kickstarter campaign and money goal, Charon Comics announces giveaway to Long Beach comic con

Segment 4:

Spinning the racks, Alec Baldwin drops out of Joker movie, Guardians of the Galaxy 3 production suspended, Marvel rehiring James Gunn?, AntMan and Wasp win box office


Alec Baldwin Joker

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