Ep 137 Dark Phoenix Trailer Reaction, American Pie’s Thomas Ian Nicholas

PODCAST | We run the Dark Phoenix through the the Trailer ‘Truth or Trash hot stove !’ Does this movie have any shot at being good? And with Disney looming… what’s the point??

PLUS: Has Walking Dead gone from Must Watch TV to Save it For Later? We give you the skinny and play WATCH, SAVE, DELETE as we preview the final crop of Fall TV shows both new and returning.

AND: We welcome Thomas Ian Nicholas of American Pie fame – is there a 20th anniversary film in the works?

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Segment 1

Segment 1

Michael and Hassan begin tonight’s show debating the X-Men: Dark Phoenix trailer and expectations for the film. Will it be a success or another Fox X-Men flop? Michael weighs in on challenges Fox has faced making X-Men films; Hassan expresses his concerns about Fox’s poor treatment of past characters and X-Men continuity. Stay tuned to hear the verdict on the latest X-Men movie.

Segment 2

Hassan and Michael offer their predictions about Dark Phoenix and how it will compare to films by Marvel. Our hosts discuss Marvel’s successful promotion strategy to illustrate how Fox has struggled to develop and market their X-Men franchise. Hear why our hosts agree Dark Phoenix is Trailer Trash.We then pivot to the Fall TV shows deciding Watch, Binge, or Delete for the upcoming seasons of Daredevil and The Walking Dead.

Segment 3

Our hosts continue their Fall TV show preview with Riverdale. Tonight’s guest, Thomas Ian Nicholas, joins the show to discuss his recently released fantasy novel and a potential upcoming American Pie reunion. Thomas discusses his creative process and how he developed his fantasy novel. Thomas then weighs in on what he’s heard so far about a potential upcoming American Pie 20 year reunion movie.

Segment 4

Spinning The Racks: Our hosts pay homage to Norm Breyfogle, celebrating his art and career in comics. Michael and Hassan discuss the Birds of Prey film and its casting choices. Andrew Lincoln returning to TWD as a director? Check in next week for the NY Comic Con Preview.


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