PODCAST | Our 150th episode spectacular LIVE from Funny Business in Nyack NY!

We review Aquaman using as many Fish puns as we can. We welcome Valiant Comics’ editor Lysa Hawkins to talk BREAKTHROUGH and we play Celebrity Pop Culture Jeopardy with our LIVE audience.

Aquaman Movie Review

Segment #1: Aquaman Movie Review With As Many Fish Puns As We Can Think of

Michael and Hassan talk Aquaman! Was it any good? Who was the film’s MVP? And the one key scene Aquaman had that Black Panther didn’t… but should have.

Segment #2: Lysa Hawkins Talks Valiant in 2019

Editor Lysa Hawkins talks Punk Mambo, BREAKTHROUGH and the upcoming Bloodshot movie.

Valiant Comics Breakthrough

Segment 3: Celebrity Pop Culture Jeopardy

We bring in our hosts, Funny Business owners Chris and Brett to play Pop Culture Jeopardy with Lysa Hawkins

Segment #4: Spin The Racks

Graphic Novels Are All Set To Become One Of The Most-Read Genres Of Books


Celebrity Pop Culture Jeopardy Categories

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