PODCAST | DC let go of co-publisher Dan DiDio last week and the rumors are rampant. What are AT&T’s plan for the fabled publisher now?

PLUS: Will Disney step in to run DC Comics? Why a monopoly scares the bejeezus out of everyone.

AND: Walking Dead is BACK!

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‘Sonic’ Wins Again

Box office: In a tight race between Paramount’s Sonic the Hedgehogand Disney’s The Call of the Wild, it was the hedgehog that beat out Harrison Ford and a CGI dog at the North American box office this weekend.

Sonic, the CGI and live-action hybrid based on the popular Sega games, zoomed past the $100 million milestone at the domestic box office after collecting $26.3 million in its second weekend, bringing its total to $106.6 million. Internationally, Sonic grossed $38.3 million in 56 markets with openings in 16 markets this weekend, including Russia, Sweden and Taiwan.


Hello, Batman: Set photos offer a good look at the new Batsuit, Batcycle

We have more than a year to wait before The Batman arrives in theaters, but a new batch of photos from the set of director Matt Reeves’ upcoming film have provided the best look yet at the new suit DC Comics’ Dark Knight will don in the movie.

The photos were taken on the Glasgow, Scotland, set of the film, and feature a stunt actor — not star Robert Pattinson — decked out in the new Batsuit and riding around on the new Batcycle. Compared to the dark, stylized video posted by Reeves a week earlier, the leaked photos provide a much more detailed look at Batman’s cape, cowl, and everything else that makes him one of the most iconic superheroes of all time.

The photos were reportedly taken in the vicinity of the Necropolis cemetery near Glasgow Cathedral, where several scenes are being shot. Glasgow is being used as a stand-in for Gotham City in the film.

The new suit worn by Pattinson’s stunt actor is a significant departure from prior versions of Batman’s movie uniform. While Ben Affleck’s version of the Batsuit in the recent DC Extended Universe films was a more streamlined, minimal, black-and-gray costume, the new suit harks back to Christian Bale’s more military-influenced Batsuit, with its modular sections of armor and exposed gadgetry.

Pattinson’s Batman’s uniform also seems to align with the film’s status as a tale set in the character’s early years, as many of its elements have a basic, prototype look that could go through some development as the character evolves.

It’s worth noting that, along with revealing the look of Batman’s new Batcycle, the photos also appear to show a female character joining Batman for a ride through Gotham (via Glasgow). There’s a good chance that his riding partner is intended to be Selina Kyle, better known as Catwoman, who will be played by Zoë Kravitz in the film.

Segment 2: Crisis on Earth Dan DiDio: How 5G was a crisis too far


The Dirt

No matter how many times DiDio was promoted, he continued to micro-manage the DCU. I don’t think you’re going to be too shocked to learn that behind the scenes, planning for the 5G reboot/retcon/ultimate hypertime was incredibly stressful. DiDio started his own teaser roll outlast year with sneak peeks at wall charts, and hints on panels and leaks, familiar methods DiDio had used to tease previous crises. For the editorial staff, however, this was a series of constantly changing ideas, reassignments, and what turned into a hostile work environment. Although retailers may have fingered Scott Snyder as part of the coup, I’m told this was formal internal complaints that had reached a boiling point.

Segment 3: Why Is Everyone So Scared of Disney?

Yet let’s be clear: It’s not just, or maybe even primarily, the size of the company that is giving people the shakes. It’s the fact that a single film corporation now seems to own everything worth having — at least, in stark capitalistic blockbuster terms. Disney owns Marvel, it owns “Star Wars,” it owns “Avatar,” it owns the fabled animated features that it has been using to mint live-action-remake megahits as if it were printing money. What’s still on the table — “Godzilla”? The shards of “Harry Potter”? The fumbling-out-of-the-vampire-gate Dark Universe? You can make the case that the merger of Disney and Fox, when you boil out of the feathers, really comes down to the merger of Marvel and “Star Wars.” That sounds like the merger of Christmas and the Fourth of July, with Halloween thrown in as a bonus.

Viewed according to the logic of 21st-century fantasy culture, Disney doesn’t just suddenly own all the properties. It owns all the mythologies.

Segment 4: Spin The Comics To Movie Racks


These are the Baby Yoda toys you’re looking for

Did you fall in the love with the LEGO Baby Yoda mini revealed today? The floodgates have officially opened for all things Mandalorian and/or Baby Yoda in anticipation of Toy Fair is kicking off in NYC tomorrow and StarWars.com has your first look.

Without a doubt the pièce de résistance has got to be The Child Animatronic Edition from Hasbro. For a mere $60 bring home your very own Baby Yoda!

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Why’s everyone so scared of Disney?