Tonight on Secrets of the Sire: we talk about the deliciously seductive scene that played out on Sunday’s Game of Thrones. The show is always at its best when they mix the savagery of war in a fantastical realm with titillating nudity, romance and sex. And no better example was on display than in Episode 9’s “Battle of The Bastards” that featured a potential couple flirting – and forming – right before our eyes.

Game of Thrones: Is There A Daenerys Romance Brewing Next Season?

Below is an excerpt from an article I just posted on

“I imagine your offer is free of any marriage demands,” Daenerys pondered aloud when Yara and Theon spoke of their Uncle Euron’s plans to wed Khaleesi as part of any partnership.

“I never demand, but I’m up for anything really,” Yara shot back with a smile.

And with that simple line, an immediate call to ship Daenerys and Yara took to the internet.

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