PODCAST | We predict the second half of 2018 Comic Book Films in 5 Words or less including Aquaman, Venom and Ant-Man! PLUS: Aquaman director thinks his film is ‘Extraordinary’, don’t count on that Disney/Fox Merger just yet and we welcome Legion M – the world’s first ever FAN owned entertainment company!

Segment 1:

Michael starts off the show by introducing their new sponsor. Michael gives breaking news regarding the director of Aquaman claiming that the movie will be a blockbuster hit. Hassan goes on to give his thoughts on the relationship between the Avengers director and his claim that the studio had tampered with the movie. Michael and Hassan then discuss what it would mean for Aquaman to be a hit in a time where there haven’t been many comic book movie hits. Next, the guys move on to discuss how the Marvel industry in a way ruined the most recent DC films because they had already been done.

Segment 2:

The segment starts off by going back to the question, “ Have the Marvel films hurt the releasing of the most current DC films?” Hassan points out that Marvel created a format where they drag out the story of characters of many movies, which can get a little boring and long. Michael goes on to mention how DC tried to set up Justice League like Marvel did with the Avengers, and it didn’t quite work out. Hassan sets the record straight by saying that the problem with the DC films is the character degation. Michael and Hassaan introduce a new way to give their thoughts on the rest of comic book movie season by using 5 words or less.


Legion M

Segment 3:

Michael and Hassan interview Daniel Leister about drawing for The Sire, Leister shares his experience transitioning from 9 to 5 to full time comic book professional, The crew discusses the reality of the comic book industry and the difficulty of being in it full time.

Segment 4:

Hassan and Michael discusses a viewers grades for the films, Pacific Rim and Rampage, Was Deadpool 2 released to close to Infinity War?, Spinning the Racks, Kelly Marie Tran leaves Instagram after sexist and racist abuse stemming from her role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

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