Break out the party hats for a 2-hour celebration of…us! And you! And Star Wars: Last Jedi (well not really)! And mystery guest stars galore! Secrets of the Sire turns 100! And boy what a show!

Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza drops some exclusive Deadpool 2 updates including HIS recommendation for Cable (around the 1 hr mark)

Derek Becker of Comics Pros and Cons DEFENDS Star Wars: Last Jedi as our hosts tear it a new one (30 min mark)

Writer Pat Shand drops in to shame our producer Sam Leibowitz’ Star Wars prediction (45 min mark)

PLUS! DRUNK GALAXY! In studio patrons review Star Wars: The Last Jedi while consuming mass quantities of alcohol! And we’re gonna need it….

Star Wars: Last Jedi

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All the Star Wars movie ranked!…by our out of this world criteria

Best Doomed sequence:

  • A New Hope
  • Return of the Jedi
  • Honorable mention: Empire Strikes Back. C3POs weird infatuation with Carbonite

Best Headgear in a Star Wars film

  • Phantom Menace: Natalie Portman goes bonkos!
  • Empire Strikes Back: Lando’s assistant has the COOLEST headphones. THIS is the future
  • Return of the Jedi: The Ewok Leader
  • New Hope: Darth Vader or Leia’s hair

Best cat walk over seemingly bottomless pit with absolutely no guard rail at all! Or Best Bottomless Pit

Best I’ve got a bad feeling about this

Best Severed limb

Best group shot final scene

Gabe Fieramosco

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