True Blood’s Kristina Anapau returns to talk about her new movie ‘KULEANA’ PLUS: Did the new SOLO Trailer just save Star Wars? “I’ve got a great feeling about this…”

Segment 1:

Star Wars Solo Trailer, Rogue 1, Kristina Anapau from True Blood, Alden Ehrenreich, Donald Glover, The Last Jedi, Is such a great trailer setting up for a let down of a movie?, Hassan: “Last Jedi is just not a good film, it’s not a good story. I don’t think Solo will have that problem”, Emilia Clarke, Lando, The monetization of negativity, Hassan: “Once you monetize the negativity, you won’t be able to stop the train from rolling.”, If a movie is bad we need to pile on the bad for click bait, Mike: “Black panther is an example of a universally love movie… it is a good movie… anybody who was negative was theoretically seen probably for a good cause as racist”, Obama monetization in comics

Segment 2:

Days of Future Past, Yoda movie?, Obi-Wan movie?, Disney Star Wars, Did this trailer save Star Wars?, Hassan: “As much as I dislike Disney Star Wars, I don’t think it needs saving”, Did Rogue 1 ruin Star Wars?, Hassan: “The movie will save us from talking about how bad Disney is on Star Wars.

Segment 3:

Kristina Anapau joins the show, Discusses new movie “Kuleana”, The making of the movie, Getting the movie into theaters, How she landed the role as Rose Coyle, The behind the scenes workings of the movie industry, Is more movie/tv producing on the future for Anapau?, Reminisces about True Blood, Kristina Anapau plays Name That Vampire

Segment 4:

Finish of Kristina Anapau interview, Twilight, Past Vampire movies, Avengers: Infinity War, Will Infinity War beat Black Panther?, Who’s gonna die?, Who will Peter Dinklage play?, Announcements for next week

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