Did Avengers Infinity War live up to the hype? And whose fantasy death team scored the most W’s? We give you our review of the biggest Marvel movie in history!


Avengers-Infinity-War-Thanos Death

Segment 1:

Michael and Hassan reveal their takes on Avengers: Infinity War, Death of Spiderman and Black Panther, Reaction from noncom book fans, How does Infinity War compare to other Marvel movies, Was Infinity War action heavy rather than story heavy?, Michael:“It’s a simple movie”, How Infinity War is a Thanos movie, Michael and Hassan debate how good the story really was

Segment 2:

Winner of the Infinity War Death Fantasy Draft revealed, Ant Man’s absence from the movie, Hassan: “The movie rolled over the Guardians of the Galaxy very easily”, Did Infinity War make the Guardians of the galaxy look subordinate to the other characters?,   Did Iron Man save the world or just save New York?, Guardians of the Galaxy vs. Iron Man, Michael and Hassan debate about whether it’s fair to diminish Iron Man’s accomplishments, Michael: “The Guardians of the Galaxy are goofballs”, Guardians of the Galaxy are overachievers?

Segment 3:

Casey from Bad Coyote Funky calls in, Michael and Hassan reflect on their picks for the Infinity War fantasy death draft, Casey: “Infinity War is the greatest movie I’ve ever seen”, Casey chooses Thor as the MVP of the movie, Michael chooses Dr.Strange as the MVP of the movie, Hassan chooses Gammora as the MVP of the movie, Had the Guardians of the Galaxy not been in the film the Avengers would have won, Sam chooses Scarlett Witch as the MVP of the movie, Scarlett Witch’s unrevealed powers, Hassan: “Why wouldn’t Thanos use the Infinity Stones to double resources rather than kill half the population?”

Segment 4:

Russo Brothers Anthony Russo and Joe Russo, Infinity War story was cohesive and easy to follow, First Avengers movie was harder to make than Infinity War, Hassan: “The writing for this film deserves more credit than the directing”, Comic Relief was well placed within the movie, Using comics to analyze what may happen in future movies, Discussing Dr.Strange’s decision to give Thanos the infinity stone, Where does Infinity War rank compared to other Marvel films, Michael announces Dead Pool 2 special.

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