PODCAST | Did Deadpool 2 live up to the hype? We give you our review of the ‘Merc with a Mouth’ and let you in on any cameos and Easter Eggs you may have missed! PLUS: We welcome master comics networker Dirk Manning to the show to talk Deadpool, the ComicCon bubble, indie comics and Kickstarter!

Segment 1:  

Michael and Hassan begin by giving a spoiler-filled review of Deadpool 2. Hassan enjoyed Deadpool 2, but doesn’t know if he’ll be there for the third installment. Hassan believes that humor is a little over the top for him. Michael believes it’s impossible to say whether the first or second Deadpool movie is superior to the other. Since the expectations were so low for the first Deadpool, that it is difficult to compare the two movies since expectations were set for the second. Michael believes that the second installment may be equal to the first, but it took a long time for the movie to reach that point. Michael thinks that the first 20 to 30 minutes of the movie took a long time to get to the point of the movie. Michael thinks the plot leading up the airplane scene was okay, but the movie really took off once it reached the airplane scene. Hassan asked Michael what he would have preferred. Michael would like to see more continuity with the X-Men comics, even though it isn’t really possible. Michael also doesn’t agree with the movie portraying Deadpool as a hero, since he isn’t really a hero in the comics.

Segment 2:

(Spoiler!) Hassan’s favorite scene in the film is the failed parachute jump, as well as the revelation of Juggernaut. There are also some meta jokes, which would require some background knowledge of the source material, but it isn’t overwhelming. Hassan takes issue with Fox handling X-Men because he doesn’t believe it isn’t a good franchise. X-Men was the go-to comics for Michael and Hassan, over the likes of Avengers, Spider-Man, and other famous Marvel comics, and are baffled that Fox handled X-Men as a franchise so poorly. Michael believes that with Deadpool 2 coming out so closely to Avengers: Infinity War has over-saturated the box office. Hassan finds it difficult to digest Deadpool 2 with it being released so closely to Infinity War.

Segment 3:

Dirk Manning, the prolific comic book creator, joins this segment to discuss his new Knightmare World omnibus. Michael asks Dirk about convention life. Dirk’s life varies from weekend to weekend during convention season. Michael and Dirk reflect back to a time when Comic Con wasn’t as popular it is, and how Deadpool would never be a mainstream character during that time. Dirk really became interested in comics after realizing that characters and stories he enjoyed would release new content every week, whereas books he enjoyed such as 10,000 Leagues Under the Sea doesn’t continue past the ending. Dirk talks about kickstarters and how it is not used for making money, but rather a way to distribute content. Kickstarters require crowdfunding, and crowdfunding requires a crowd.

Segment 4:

Michael and Hassan bring up the cameos you might have missed in the movies, including Taylor Swift’s cats, Alan Tudyk, X-Men, Brad Pitt, and Matt Damon. Michael gives a shout out to Zazie Beetz, the actress who plays Domino in Deadpool 2, because she has a presence on screen that makes him want to see more of her when she’s not on screen. Hassan was disappointed by the lack of Hugh Jackman in Deadpool 2. Hassan believes that if you’re not a fan of crass humor, you may want to skip this movie since there is a substantial amount of crass humor.

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