PODCAST | SOLO races into theaters and reviews say GOOD not GREAT. Is this a problem for Disney Star Wars? We give you OUR take on the film and the future of the franchise.


Segment 1:

Michael and Hassan begin this segment by giving a spoiler-filled review of Solo. Hassan feels that the Disney anthology movies, or one-offs, are more genuine than the episodic movies because they manage to capture the zeitgeist of Stars Wars, whereas the episodic movies do not. Michael feels that Solo was more like a skim of Han Solo’s history and that they glossed over as many details as possible.

Segment 2:

Michael and Hassan comment on Solo being considered a box office failure. Is it because of Star Wars fatigue? Hassan doesn’t believe so. He believes that Disney doesn’t have vision and doesn’t have a clue of what to do with Star Wars as a property. Hassan and Michael’s breakout character was Kira, portrayed by Emilia Clarke, and that although Donald Glover was fantastic as Lando Calrissian, but got the short end of the stick.


Lando Movie Spinoff

Segment 3:

Michael and Hassan comment on the theory that Kira is Rey’s mother. Michael and Hassan go on to comment on easter eggs from Solo. Michael wonders if the scene where Chewbacca ripping out someone’s arm in the movie, is an easter egg or nod because it is a callback to Han Solo’s comment in A New Hope about Wookie’s ripping people’s arms out when they’re upset.

Segment 4:

Michael and Hassan wonder again if Star Wars fatigue led to Solo doing poorly at the box office, but they believe that it was really timing that led to this. Since it was released so closely to Black Panther, Avengers: Infinity War, and Deadpool 2, it may have led to Solo failing at the box office. Michael and Hassan moved on to discuss Andrew Lincoln leaving The Walking Dead after nine seasons on the show.

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