On the latest Secrets of the Sire Podcast we welcome Warren Simons from Valiant Comics to talk about the X-O Manowar & Harbinger relaunches & the future direction of the company.

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About Our Guest:
Warren Simons is the E-I-C of Valiant Comics. He came on to talk about three big events coming down the pipeline for the company:

-X-O Manowar #1, coming out in March 2017, which will be our biggest launch of the year. It stars one of biggest characters, X-O Manowar, as he starts a new life on an alien planet that he will conquer.

-Divinity III: Stalinverse #1, out on December 21st, which is our event-level epic of the winter. Essentially, this is Valiant’s “Age of Apocalypse” or Flashpoint,” where the world as we know has been rewritten into a Communist-ruled reality.

-Harbinger Renegade #1, which has been our biggest launch of the year. It stars our fan-favorite team of super-powered teenagers, and will lead to our massive event of 2018, Harbinger Wars 2.

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