On the latest episode of Secrets of the Sire, does Guardians of the Galaxy 2 live up to the original or will it suffer sequel shame? Our spoiler-filled Guardians 2 review with the folks from the Bad Coyote Funky podcast live in studio.

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PLUS: New Hellboy movie! Yay! No Del Toro or Perlman? Rage!

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Co-Founder | Writer | Photographer for BadCoyoteFunky. BFA with a concentration in Graphic Design. Also part of the BadCoyoteFunky Podcast. I always introduce my self as Dave The Bearded Menace so for on air refer to me as either Dave, or Dave The Bearded Menace.


Part of the BadCoyoteFunky podcast which broadcast every Thursday night on twitch.tv/BadCoyoteFunky, and is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

Cosplay Photography for every convention I go to. Hopefully starting a Star Wars themed podcast soon.

Am the Co-Founder of Steampunk Bridgeport, a Steampunk themed convention which took place in 2014 and is in the works for a return in 2018.

GOT AN OPINION? (You better if you’re coming on our show!)

Not a big fan at all of what DC is doing with their movies when it comes to the directors cut Blu-Ray releases. Basically if the movie was bad at the box office, they use the excuse of “wait until you see the directors cut. So many things we had to cut out”. Feels like a cop out to me for a bad movie and it feels like we are getting to the age of DLC for movies.

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Twitter: @dabeardedmenace
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Twitch: Twitch.tv/DaveTheBeardedMenace

NEXT WEEK: We’ve got Destiny NY writer Pat Shand in studio as we welcome filmmaker & founder of the Geekscape podcast Jonathon London on our show. He’ll discuss navigating the perils of Hollywood moviemaking, podcasting and his favorite Marvel and DC films.