Our Justice League re-shoots discussion turned into a full-on debate: are you Pro or Anti Joss Whedon? Can he save the movie that’s reportedly “Unwatchable” in its current state? Or is he overrated as a writer and director?

PLUS: Is Defenders Marvel’s swan song from Netflix with the new Disney streaming service announced?

Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast via: http://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/early-cut-justice-league-deemed-unwatchable-substantial-changes-made/#gallery-8


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Poor Justice League. No matter how much good Warner Bros. does, the upcoming pic just can’t catch a break. Even after the smashing success of Wonder Woman, and a thrilling Comic-Con trailer for Zack Snyder/Joss Whedon’s team-up film that was very promising, negative buzz continues to surround it. That doesn’t change today, either, with a follow-up report coming in that expands a bit on what we heard last night.

To recap, yesterday we learned that Warner Bros. was apparently unhappy with a few things in Justice League. Namely, the tone – which they felt was too dark – and the portrayal of Cyborg. Now, Batman-On-Film has added onto that, telling us that the situation is much worse than it appears. Here’s what they had to say:

These reshoots – which are still taking place – are not standard pick-ups/additional photography. Why? Apparently, an early cut of the film was deemed “unwatchable.” Thus, substantial changes to the film were ordered.

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