Still hungover from New York ComicCon 2017? We welcome Big Dog Ink’s Tom Hutchison to talk Marvel’s woes and the changing demographic at the con.

The Last Jedi Trailer

PLUS: We break down The Last Jedi Trailer, the new Blade Runner movie and how the two are connected!

New York Comic Con 2017 schedule, guests, panels, and everything you need to know


WHAT DO YOU DO? (Think Twitter Bio)

I am the founder, art director and publisher for Big Dog Ink and the writer/creator of Critter, Penny for Your Soul, Legend of Oz: The Wicked West, Kaiju Epic, Lights…Camera…Jungle! and Ursa Minor.


Separating from Aspen Comics after three years, we are now returning to our roots and relaunching the BDI brand with Penny for Your Soul like we did 7 years ago. Our first two successful Kickstarters for Lights…Camera…Jungle! and Kaiju Epic! and the continued sales of our series back issues have shown us the world is still hungry for Big Dog Ink stories, and Penny for Your Soul is where we start our journey back. But we are also looking at some new projects beyond Penny, both as comics and as digital experiences using social media in new ways including something Im calling Shahrazad: Side Quests.

GOT A HOT TAKE? (Tell us the burning issues you’re dying to talk about)

Lets not get too negative lol I always have hot takes, but lets just say the retail side of things is a mess right now and totally over saturated with companies and product. It’s nearly impossible for all these books to find shelf space at the retail level, BDI was a Diamond Top 300 publisher multiple times in our first four years, but I think even we would be hard pressed to make that list again any time soon. So we are returning to focus directly on our customers and fans that have supported us and have waited so patiently for new product, and thats exactly what Kickstarter allows us to do.


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