Secrets of the Sire welcomes very special Game of Thrones expert Christina Dolce – my wife! – to help dissect the incendiary Season 7 finale and look ahead to some Game of Thrones Season 8 Theories. Is Tyrion a Targaryan? Is Bran The Night King? Will Jon Bang His Aunt Again?

PLUS: Hawkman and Avengelyne writer Mark Poulton joins us to talk about his new All-Ages comic The Pizza Tree

ABOUT OUR GUEST: Writer Mark Poulton (Hawkman/Avengelyne)

WHAT DO YOU DO? (Think Twitter Bio)

I am a professional comic book writer and children’s book author. I’ve written for DC Comics, Image Comics, and Arcana Studio. I produced the A Cat Named Haiku animated short for Top Buzz, and served as associate producer on Mythical Creatures, an animated pilot financed by the Canadian and New Zealand governments.


My latest book is Pizza Tree, an all ages graphic novel that I co-wrote with my 7 year old son, Chase, based off an idea he had. It is published by Arcana Studio through my new creator-owned imprint, Artistacomics. The A Cat Named Haiku animated short was released earlier in the year and is doing well. It is currently being developed as a feature by Arcana Studio with Sean O’Reilly attached as screenwriter and director.

GOT A HOT TAKE? (Tell us the burning issues you’re dying to talk about)

Not sure if you discussed DC’s comment that the comic book industry is on the verge of collapse, but I think it’s just the opposite. I don’t think it’s ever been stronger. The level of quality from creators is at its highest. I was at the Arcana booth this year for SDCC and the two biggest draws were 10 year old Kiefer O’Reilly and my 7 year old son, Chase. The future of comics is in good hands. The talent pool has never been stronger. Readers now just have so many great choices to pick from. It’s almost like television complaining that ratings are down. That’s because there are so many ways to consume the product (cable, Netflix and other streaming services). Most readers don’t have an unlimited budget when it comes to comics. If an indie company is putting something great out that they want to start reading, chances are another book will get cut from the their pull list and I think you are beginning to see readers don’t need that Marvel or DC book they have been collecting for years anymore.


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