On this week’s episode of Secrets of the Sire: Is the Power Rangers movie the next Batman V Superman? Has it jumped the shark already by going too dark? A great article on The Guardian poses that exact question:

“There is something quite off-kilter about the idea of a Power Rangers movie with a budget of $150m, and starring – for goodness sake – Hollywood big hitters such as Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston and Elizabeth Banks. This could never have happened before the current explosion of comic-book movies, and the debut teaser trailer for Dean Israelite’s 2017 movie leaves us wondering whether a big-budget take on the long-running TV show might be the worst idea since Josh Trank’s dark and brooding Fantastic Four last year.”

PLUS: Walking Dead Season 7, Ken Bone and our NYCC recap with Derek Becker of Comic Pros & Cons

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NEXT WEEK: We welcome Russ Wooton, letterer on The Walking Dead to talk season 7! Who’s on the end of Negan’s bat? What other surprises are we in store for?