Which new comic book movie in 2016 do you think is poised to become the next Guardians of the Galaxy? If you said the Deadpool movie you are absolutely, 100 percent…wrong!

Wait what?

It’s got all the makings of a sleeper hit: a rabid fanbase, a lesser known character that populates a larger more popular universe, a rabid fanbase, cool special effects and a heavy dose of humor, a rabid fanbase…

If you’re starting to detect a pattern here you’re slicker than Wade Wilson’s trademark sarcasm. The reason the Deadpool movie is going to tank is because of, you guessed it, the rabid fanbase that comes along with it. Even though it’s what got the movie the greenlight to begin with, as detailed by star Ryan Reynolds in an interview with Yahoo Movies, it’s ultimately going to be what brings it down.

Deadpool Movie Is GOing to flop and it's all your fault

Image via Fox Movies

Because unlike Guardians of the Galaxy, which had zero fan base to argue about changes, mythology, camoes etc, the Deadpool movie carries tremendous expectations among it’s hardcore fans. If it doesn’t live up to it on opening night it’s going to spread quickly in this social media age. If it DOES live up to it, there’s a huge chance the general public who are not Deadpool fans will simply not…get it either and will have zero desire to take in the movie in theaters instead of waiting for it on DVD.

Guardians of the galaxy Vol 2.

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Just ask the folks behind the Entourage movie how well their fan base carried over past opening weekend. Not enough to greenlight a sequel that’s all-but-assured at this point.

And sure maybe tank is too strong a word, considering reports are that Deadpool has a comparatively low budget to other super hero flicks out there, but ultimately, I have the feeling, shy of hard core Deadpool fans, the movie will come and go without so much as a blip on the radar.

And that’s a shame, because quite frankly, I’m a Deadpool fan and would like to see Ryan Reynolds succeed at one of these super hero movies for once. I guess it can’t end up worse than Green Lantern could it?

What do you think? Is the Deadpool movie going to flop? Am I full of poop?

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