Check out my interview with the Walkmen’s @WaltRMartin for @amNewYork. Walter and I chatted about his new solo record Arts & Leisure, his songwriting process and the status of his more famous outfit the Walkmen.

“Walter Martin likes to be funny … it just doesn’t always turn out that way in the end.

Such was the case when the Walkmen bassist set out to write “Arts & Leisure,” a follow-up to his commercially successful debut “We’re All Young Together.”

“I was an art history major and I don’t remember it very well and I thought it would be funny,” Martin cheerfully recalls. “But then I sort of realized after I wrote a few songs, that of course I really love art. I have feelings about it. So I felt like I could make it richer. And that’s when I thought I was onto a good idea.”

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Walter Martin Walkmen

Image via amNew York