On the latest episode of the Secrets of the Sire podcast, we break down Spider-Man: Homecoming: the casting decisions, the Marvel fatigue, the Wonder Woman effect and more with Ultimate Spider-Man writer Brian Smith!

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Here’s an excerpt from the Podcast: Kevin Veldman from Comic Noobs:

Michael Dolce: Brian, you write Spider-Man comics, what is your take on the whole conversation we’re having here?

Brian Smith: First of all, I would like to thank you guys for having me on the show, its great to be here. All the stuff you guys were talking about, I could tell you guys are really passionate, but I had to have one finger in my ear the whole time.

MD: That makes sense, I like to go in fresh as well. The little casting decisions, like finding out the name of a character and you’re just like “Really, why would you do that?”

BS: I did not know that the best friends name was Ned Lead. I don’t know why they did that.

MD: Right? Like out of all the things they could have done. Little things like that just doesn’t smell right. Welcome to show, you write the all ages Ultimate Spider-Man comics, how excited are you for this movie? From an inside point of view how much is this movie going to mirror the stuff you write about?

BS: I was actually an editor at Marvel during the first Spider-Man movie. I actually worked on the film adaptation to the comic. I remember how excited we were at that point to go to the theater and see the first Spider-Man movie. The amount of versions we have of Spider-Man, if your a Spider-Man fan, its a good time to be alive. Its pretty amazing to see.

MD: Whats your favorite incarnation of Spider-Man?

BS: I tend to go back to the old stuff. I like the first 20 issues of the Amazing Spider-Man. I’m also a huge fan of John Romita Jr. In fact when I was in high school, I got to meet him in a convention and those were the only comics I brought to the show. I was also lucky enough to work on the first Spiderman stuff at Marvel, when I was up there, to see the whole rebirth of Peter Parker.

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