EP 196: The Mandalorian Review, The Batman Casting News, Kevin Feige, Watchmen Episode 4 Review

PODCAST | EVERYONE is talking about The Mandalorian ... and so are WE! Plus: Watchmen Watch Episode 4 – we're getting closer to the big reveal...but is anyone even watching anymore? AND: Kevin Feige speaks! James Dean acts (again)! And The Batman casts as we go Spinning the Racks!

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SoS Ep 54: Deadpool co-creator Fabian Nicieza Sets The Record Straight & Sad Ben Affleck Sinks The Batman

On this week's Secrets of the Sire #podcast: Think Deadpool was an homage to DC's Deathstroke? THINK AGAIN! Co-Creator Fabian Nicieza gets fired up on this week's podcast! PLUS: Sad Ben Affleck may have sunk DC Films. We give you our take on him stepping down from "The Batman" Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: [...]

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This Week On SoS: Is The World Ready For Gay Star Wars?

The world's gone gay! But what about a galaxy far, far away? With a recent rumored relationship between two prominent male Star Wars characters squashed by actor John Boyega, it begs the question: when, if ever will we see a gay romance portrayed in any prominent Disney owned superhero/sci-fi movie franchise? Recently, I wrote an [...]

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This Week On SoS: Can Ben Affleck & Geoff Johns Save The DC Movie Universe?

UPDATE: Just in time for tonight's show! Geoff Johns Atop DCEU After ‘Batman V Superman’ Bomb – Can He Undo Zack Snyder’s Damage? Read the full article here: http://www.inquisitr.com/3108257/geoff-johns-atop-dceu-after-batman-v-superman-bomb-can-he-undo-zack-snyders-damage/ Check out my latest article on Inquisitr about the moves Warner Bros. is making behind the scenes, anointing Ben Affleck as the new Executive Producer on [...]

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