EP 175: MIB: International Review, MC Lars and Mega Ran Interview

PODCAST | MIB: International goes Dark Phoenix and bombs. But... was it as bad as people say? PLUS: We welcome Nerdcore hip-hop artists MC Lars and Mega Ran on to talk about their new Kickstarter funded LP, Snoop Dogg and their ComicCon connection!

2020-08-21T16:13:07-04:00June 19th, 2019|

SoS PODCAST Ep 9: Shared Universes With Transmedia Guru Jeff Gomez

Spider-Man has arrived! ...in the Marvel Universe that is. So what better way to break down the deal than with Transmedia guru Jeff Gomez of Starlight Runner Entertainment? He chats Spider-Man in the Civil War trailer, his work on the Amazing Spider-Man and Men In Black films and the concept of shared universes in TV [...]

2019-02-20T13:27:51-05:00March 21st, 2016|
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