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SIRE creator pens column in WIZARD

All SIRE fans scroll to the Wizard Edge section of Wizard #194 to check out SIRE creator Mike Dolce's first in what hopes to be a series of columns on the world of indie publishing. Titled "Pitch Perfect" Dolce's column touches upon the universal issue of how to pitch your comic book appropriately when trying to sell it to consumers at conventions or even potential publishers as well. If anyone is interested in advertising their publication in the Wizard Edge [...]

November 27th, 2007|

SIRE: Revelations #2 Full Color Preview Pages Available Online Now

With just weeks before the release of SIRE: Revelations #2, After Shock Comics has made available the first 6 pages online now! Featuring the blockbuster debut of new penciler Jose Holder, SIRE: Revelations #2 picks up where issue #1 left off, with everything on the line as SIRE goes up against the U.S. government! But with one of their top ranking agents possessed by the maniacal Presence - an alien creature responsible for everything that's happened so far - the [...]

July 30th, 2007|

Wizard World Film Fest and Comic-Con Winner RAZOR SHARP makes its comics debut in SIRE: REVELATIONS #2

The winner of the 2006 Wizard World Film Fest and upcoming entrant in the San Diego Comic-con film festival, RAZOR SHARP will be making its comic book debut as part of a very special issue of The Sire: Revelations #2 - on sale August 15th. Packaged as a collectors item flip-book edition, fans can continue to unravel the mystery behind the SIRE as the stakes are raised to unimaginable proportions following issue #1. Sporting a stunning TYLER KIRKHAM cover, fans [...]

July 27th, 2007|

Sire: Revelations #1 IN STORES NOW

The SIRE is back! Donald Wright was a lowly secretary before being transformed into the Sire - a superhuman forced to fight evil by his own costume! Now, following the events of the first mini-series, he's come to accept the power he wields, but will he accept his mission? Superstar artist Talent Caldwell (Gen 13) returns as cover artist for SIRE: REVELATIONS #1! This issue also marks the finale for series regular Daniel Leister as he moves on to pencil [...]

June 20th, 2007|

SIRE#3 in stores now

The wait is over! The long awaited conclusion to the hottest new indy of the past year has hit stores shelves! Featuring a cover by superstar Tyler Kirkham, the third issue picks up right after the harrowing cliffhanger of issue #2. Cornered by the police, the SIRE must find a way to escape arrest so he can somehow save the world from the evil Siphon and his plans for total conquest! Written by Michael Dolce with art by rising star [...]

January 7th, 2007|

THE SIRE a success in Texas

One of the hottest mini-series on the market today made its first ever debut at Wizard World Texas this weekend with smashing success! Unleashing the SIRE #2 'Black' Variant as well as copies of #1, #2 and what was left of the Issue #1 Variant Edition (featuring cover art by Talent Caldwell) the SIRE crew of Michael Dolce and Daniel Leister took Artist Alley by storm. As an added bonus both cover artists on all three issues - Talent Caldwell [...]

November 14th, 2006|

New Sire variant debuts

One of the hottest mini-series on the market today the SIRE unveils its newest variant: The SIRE #2 'Black' Variant featuring the first ever cover art by series regular Daniel Leister. Available first at Wizard World texas, you can pick up this variant, along with the first two issues at table #2280 in Artist Alley all weekend long. The SIRE is a cutting edge story about a superhero who's forced to fight evil by the very costume and powers he's [...]

October 23rd, 2006|

SIRE creator interviewed at Jazma Online

Creator Michael Dolce was grilled on all things SIRE recently by Richard Vasseur and the fine folks at Jazma online. Here's a brief snippet: RV: How can a costume force a person to fight evil? MD: Thru pain! (laughs). If the SIRE doesn't follow the suit's internal commands, no matter what they are, he's struck by agonizing pain. And the real question? He has no idea why. So far, it's pretty clear (after the first two issues) that some kind [...]

October 17th, 2006|

The SIRE on iTunes

During the recent trip to the Baltimore Comic-Con, the crew behind the SIRE - Michael Dolce and Daniel Leister - were interviewed by the fine folks at Comic Blender. Now this interview, along with all previous podcasts of Comic Blender, are available for FREE via iTunes! Here's all you gotta do to watch: 1) Go to the iTunes Music Store. 2) Search for Comic Blender. 3) When the choice for Comic Blender appears click on the arrow next to the [...]

October 10th, 2006|

IMPOSSIBLE TALES featured on The PULSE website

After Shock isn't the only one making a splash these days. Our friends at After Hours Press are also quickly becoming known for their quality Indie offerings. The latest title to receive critical attention is IMPOSSIBLE TALES, a sci-fi adventure best described as, LOST meets JURASSIC PARK! In an in-depth interview, creators Darren Sanchez and Hassan Godwin discuss with Pulse reporter, Jennifer M. Contino the ins and outs of this Flash Gordon inspired adventure. "You could say it's Sci-Fi... but [...]

October 2nd, 2006|

Rising Star Tyler Kirkham named cover artist for SIRE #3

If you rushed out and bought the SIRE #2, or checked out page 213 of the December volume of Diamond Previews, you may have noticed the awesome rendition of the SIRE by rising superstar TYLER KIRKHAM. In case you didn't, it's official: Tyler Kirkham is officially the cover artist for the SIRE #3 - in stores this December. "I thought it would be impossible to come close to matching Talent [Caldwell]'s amazing first two covers, but Tyler does it... and [...]

October 1st, 2006|

SIRE #2 In Stores September 27th

The second installment from the hit indy series from After Shock Comics hits stores September 27th! Continuing directly after the harrowing cliffhanger of issue one, Donald Wright is trapped in an alien costume that takes control of his now super-powered body! The SIRE fights for his life against the deadly villain Bard as the burning questions surrounding the evil Siphon continue. Featuring a stunning Talent Caldwell cover, this series is red hot!

September 13th, 2006|

SIRE given positive review at Paperbackreader.com

Philip Hayes of PaperbackReader.com recently posted a favorable review for the SIRE after picking up the first issue at Wizard World Chicago. He wrote: "The Sire is a book I’ve seen advertised all over the internet," Hayes wrote. "Thankfully, I can say this book is worth the advertisement." Hayes went on to add: "The first issue is pretty fun. You can really put yourself into the characters shoes and relate to how you would react if you had these abilities. [...]

August 11th, 2006|

The SIRE a smash at Wizard World Chicago!

Mikebooks and After Shock Comics is proud to announce their most successful convention ever last weekend at Wizard World Chicago. Between the number of debuts and variants sold, the fans that came out in droves to support the SIRE. "We were completely overwhelmed with how positive everyone was at the show," said creator Mike Dolce who, along with artist Dan Leister, signed autographs and met with eager fans. "We just want to say thanks to everyone and hope anyone who [...]

August 9th, 2006|

The Sire comes to Chicago

What if you were forced to be a superhero by a costume you're now mysteriously bonded to? In the SIRE, by After Shock Comics, you'll meet Donald Wright, a lowly secretary for the beautiful TV news reporter J.J. Waterston, who's stuck in this very predicament and must somehow go from being a man to superman. And now you can meet writer/creator/colorist Michael Dolce and penciler Dan Leister, the creative team behind the SIRE, this weekend at Wizard World Chicago and [...]

August 2nd, 2006|

THE SIRE #1 in stores NOW!

The wait is OVER! The SIRE #1 - mentioned on such prominent sites such as WizardUniverse.com, Silverbulletcomics.com, The Pulse, BrokenFrontier.com and more, is in stores NOW across stores nationwide! Be the first rush out to your local comic shops and scoop up as many copies as you can and help keep this ride going strong! IMPORTANT NOTE: If your retailer does not carry copies of the SIRE simply give him the Diamond order code: APR062844 and they can order you [...]

July 26th, 2006|


With a hefty amount of conventions already planned, it was decided that the crew behind The SIRE would forgo The San Diego Comic-Con in favor of other shows. But thanks to Newsarama.com, San Diego is coming to the SIRE...sort of. For the second straight year Newsarama, in an attempt to give smaller independent companies a chance to showcase their talents and projects, posted their SDCC non-panel panel reports featuring The SIRE and After Shock Comics as part of the run-down [...]

July 19th, 2006|

THE SIRE #1 to debut in stores JULY 12th

The wait is OVER! The SIRE #1 - mentioned on such prominent sites such as WizardUniverse.com, Silverbulletcomics.com, The Pulse, BrokenFrontier.com and more, will finally make its in store debut July 12th across stores nationwide!. And according to Writer/creator/colorist Michael Dolce this has been a long time coming: "Dan (Leister) and I have been bombarded with emails and questions about when it was going to be available to order and believe me, I was as anxious as everyone else - if [...]

June 28th, 2006|

THE SIRE debut a smash success!

The book that's lighting up message boards across the country made its debut this weekend at Wizard World Philadelphia and boy what a start! Writer/creator Michael Dolce and series artist Dan Leister were on hand for the premier debut of the full color 32-page first issue of The Sire and with only a limited supply of copies on hand sold out of the entire stock! "We were as shocked as anyone when the weekend was over and we had no [...]

June 7th, 2006|

The Sire is Going To Press!

As the header indicated the SIRE has been accepted into the Diamond Previews Catalog for books shipping in June 2006. That's right, the SIRE will be available for order in your favorite local comic shops across the country! Now all you have to do is let your local store know this and hound he or she to order a bazillion copies. Or five. It'd be cool if they all ordered at least five. So get to work! Issue one will [...]

April 2nd, 2006|

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