This Week On SoS: Paul Jenkins & Joe Mulvey Celebrate Our 50th Episode!

Secrets of the Sire turns 50! For our 50th episode we do 2017 kickoff bash so big it will make your head explode. We welcome creator Joe Mulvey in studio and comic book icon Paul Jenkins via technology to talk about his latest movie comics and TV projects! PLUS: Golden Globes: What chance does Deadpool [...]

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SoS 2016 Special: A Carrie Fisher Tribute & “Best Of” 2016

SoS Podcast Special: We pay tribute to the unmistakable Carrie Fisher – her impact, her legacy and the future of the new Star Wars trilogy. PLUS: We countdown our "Best of the Best" 2016 Edition: Rogue One! Deadpool! Suicide Squad! Civil War! Westworld! Batman V Superman and More! Listen on SoundCloud: Download our Podcast: iTunes Google [...]

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Tonight on SoS Ep 49: Rogue One Review, Archie Comic’s Alex Segura Dishes On Riverdale

On tonight's episode of Secrets of the Sire: Rogue One or Force Awakens? We give you OUR take on the newest Star Wars entry in the canon and pick out which one is better. PLUS: Alex Segura talks Archie one-shots, reboots and riverdale too! Listen: 8pm ET Watch: Periscope:@Michael_Dolce Call in: 877-480-4120 Did [...]

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SoS Ep 48: Warren Simons from Valiant Comics Talks X-O Manowar, Harbinger & More

On the latest Secrets of the Sire Podcast we welcome Warren Simons from Valiant Comics to talk about the X-O Manowar & Harbinger relaunches & the future direction of the company. PLUS: Deadpool was nominated for a Golden Globe! Wha? Really? That can't be right... Listen on SoundCloud: About Our Guest: Warren Simons is the [...]

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Tonight on SoS Ep 48: We Welcome Valiant Comics’ E-I-C Warren Simons

We welcome Valiant Comics' E-I-C Warren Simons on the show to talk X-O Manowar Relaunch, Harbinger and more! PLUS: Deadpool was nominated for a Golden Globe - is an Oscar in his future? We count down the most recognized superhero performances of all time! Listen: 8pm ET Watch: Periscope:@Michael_Dolce Call in: 877-480-4120 Did [...]

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Tonight on Secrets of the Sire Ep 47: Westworld, X-Men & More

We talk Westworld finale: The Good, The Bad, The Awesome! Is this the next Game of Thrones or will it suffer a True Detective-like Season 2 fate? PLUS: We welcome Jason Powell author of the definitive Chris Claremont book. We break down his epic 18 year run with Jason next week! Listen: 8pm ET [...]

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SoS Ep 46: Sculptor David Silva, X-Men News & More

We welcome Creative Beast Studio 's David Silva to discuss action figures, godzilla and his successfully funded Kickstarter for Beasts of the Mezosoic! PLUS: What does the new X-Men Blue & Gold comic book launch mean for Marvel Studios? Are the wheels in motion for a Marvel/Fox crossover? Listen on SoundCloud: About This Week's Guest: [...]

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